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Here at 40 North Latitude our focus will be to look between the past 2.54 and 2.58 Million Years of Earth Geological and Climate History. We will also occasionally look back as far as the Late Cenozoic period and discuss the Glaciation of the Antarctic which began between 33 and 35 Million Years ago (MYA). However, that will not be our main focus here at 40NorthLatitude.com. Our mission will be to demonstrate the never ending ebb and flow of Climate. Climate by the way, like time does not stand still. The fact is if there is one sure thing in this world, the Climate will change! Read More

Updated 8/22/2020
Source: Danish Meteorological Institute; Modeled sea-ice thickness and volume. The large map shows the sea-ice thickness, while the small figure shows the curves of sea-ice volume in recent years. The gray area around the mean (2004-2013) corresponds to plus/minus 1 standard deviation.

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This data set will be updated around the 15th of each month. The Bottom Map will always begin during the corresponding month in 2003 and 2004. The Middle Map will be the approximate half way point between the current month and the corresponding month in 2003 and 2004.

Editors Note: The base line for this post will be from October 21, 2003 until September 15, 2004. This is the first 12 Consecutive months this Data was collected. October 21st which is the DMI Starting Point is the only time the 15th of a month will not be used. The reason I have chosen the 15th of each month is because on different parts of the month I will up dating other data sets.

Using these maps one can make many conclusions based on the Thickness and Volume of the Ice over time. In an up coming article I will be examining past and recent predictions, reality and exactly why Ice Thickness, Thins and how Volume changes over time. The Article will be based on Data presented here at 40 North Latitude

For a detailed analysis of DMI and other Data from 40 North Latitude Click Here

DMI Modeled ice thickness and volume. This link is provided in the event you would like to use the interactive time step from the DMI website. From there you can pick any day or year from the inception of the Modeled sea-ice thickness and volume since 2003 based on satellite observations.

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Updated, August 22, 2020
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